Monday, September 8, 2008

YouTube rocks!

I am a great fan of YouTube - so many forgotten gems, so easy to upload. A big thank you to all those who post clips - I have whiled away many happy hours watching ancient Coro episodes, and Ena Sharples looks as good on YouTube as she ever did on ITV in the seventies. For those transplanted Poms with no access to Prime TV and all their repeats, it is a quick and delightful way to time travel - hence George Dawes (Matt Lucas) before fame and fortune turned his head, when he was just a stooge to the Dove from Above. Library-wise we definitely need to do a North Shore Libraries video - maybe along the lines of the reference video (available on CD from your local ISL) so we can justify the time and expense in the name of staff training, but we could have lots - some of the holiday programme activities, explanations of what we offer in each library and general PR for the whole library world. The important thing is that it should be fun and appeal to a wide audience. AND it is a lot cheaper than advertising on TV or radio, or even, for that matter, in the North Shore Times......Love it!


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