Sunday, September 14, 2008

iTunes and podcasts

I found this the most frustrating exercise so far - it took me well over an hour, partly because my home PC is very slow, and partly because no sooner had I found something than I was flicked out, for some reason. We already had iTunes loaded at home, but getting into ANY podcast was very very slow. I listened to some of the ones suggested in the tutorial and wished someone had told the kids that presentations go better when there is a hint of animation in the voice rather than flatly reading out their essays! I didn't like the fact that the iTunes terminology was all so music-oriented (My Music Store, etc.) so obviously geared to folks younger than me, and that the podcast screen was so in-your-face and messy. I did listen to a cool analysis of Steve Jobs using the word "funnest" and whether that is, or should be, a real word and thought I'd embed it in Bloglines, but no go. The link generated is to an xml file, which does not (obviously) work as a hyperlink. Having spent well over an hour trying to find a solution, I decided my life was too short. So here is the xml file for those that wish to try it. Very, very, annoying, and I will NEVER use this in my day to day life. Hate the format of iTunes, hate the lack of embedding software, hate that ghastly midwestern diction, am now going to have a cup of coffee and a TimTam to soothe my shattered nerves.



Blogger Webtraveller said...

I subscribed to Grammar Girl too in my Bloglines account. Just copy the xml URL and add it to your Bloglines account in the usual way. To listen to the podcast click on the 'enclosure' link and the file will be downloaded and Windows Media Player opens up. I don't have iTunes do can't help you with that one.

September 14, 2008 at 10:20 PM  

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