Sunday, September 14, 2008

MySpace, Bebo and Facebook

Even more joy, these are all old favourites - anyone watching the kids after school will be more than familiar with these. They seem to go in crazes, and also seem to be age-dependent - Bebo attracting the younger teens, Facebook the older teens/early twenties, and, increasingly, a number of old fogeys like me - I have had an account for several months. I like the spidery quality of it, which proves that in NZ there are only at most three degrees of separation, and I love it when you find old friends or they find you. Having said that, I look at it possibly once a week, if that, and never add things onto my wall - it worries me how freely others add quite personal details like mobile numbers and addresses, for anyone and everyone to view, and even though you can lock down your profile, it is still accessible if you know how. I liked the Rotorua Public Library Bebo page very much, though I guess there is a bit of webmastering going on as regards people submitting comments, as they were uniformly positive! This is definitely the future of NZ library websites.....


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